Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The only organic extra virgin olive oil certified organic in the USA and EU in a 100% recyclable biophoton glass bottle.

This outstanding rich tasting experience is created amongst our olive groves in the Mani region of Greece. Our OrganicOrganic® Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won multiple awards and is doubly-certified in addition to being beautifully stored in a unique biophoton bottle.

Great Taste Awards


Great Taste Gold Award 2015

"Lovely limpid colour and attractive grassy notes on the nose. Buttery mouth feel.Attractive soft tropical fruit notes on the palate with gentle bitterness and aprogression towards a moderate spike. Pleasing balance."


Great Taste Gold Award 2014

"On initial taste it seems very simple but well made, and goes on to a well balanced finish with subtle spice & pepper. We felt it would go well with many foods without compromising the flavours. Zingy citrus nose, nice clarity & colour to the oil. Great creamy texture."


Great Taste Gold Award 2011 & 2012

"Excellent aroma, deep flavour and was very well balanced with pepper notes in the aftertaste".


A Deep, Rich-Tasting Experience, Delivered Beautifully

Open a distinctive Biophton (from the Greek “bios” meaning life and “phos” meaning light) violet bottle of our OrganicOrganic® Extra Virgin Olive Oil and you open the door to a healthier, more tasteful world...

Light is incredibly important in our everyday lives - it leads us to energy, to resources, and to health. Our unique Biophton bottles allow specific rays of only violet light to enter the bottle and continually stimulate the Oil, keeping it fresh, energizing, and pure.

Even the early Egyptians used violet glass to preserve and protect their most precious natural substances from the powerful rays of the sun - keeping them perfectly fresh even when stored for a long time. Modern research backs this up, showing that the quality of food stored in violet glass is significantly higher.

The bottle of our biophoton OrganicOrganic®Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is as practical as it is beautiful, made from 100% recyclable materials and notably increasing light filtering to keep the oil as delectable as the day it was created.

Why OrganicOrganic® Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Hand picked and cold-pressed in traditional stone mills.

Very low acidity levels, with a current harvest of just 0.26%.

Exceptionally long shelf life of over 2 years due to quality & our unique bottle.

Sealed in 100% recyclable Biophoton violet glass bottle.

Made from the unique Koroneïki olive

Grown only in Greece

These olives, unlike other crops, are not watered artificially and are pruned intensively once a year. This keeps the trees small, with the Koroneïki olive tree yielding only 1 to 3 liters of the purest green gold olive oil; the  same olive oil that fills our  OrganicOrganic® bottles. 

We believe that quantity should be sacrificed for quality. That's why the flavour, aroma and richness of our olive oil is so incredibly unique.

Hand-Picked, Hand-Selected

We believe that quantity should be sacrificed for quality.

It takes hard manual labour to ensure our valuable fruits are hand-picked, sorted, and then immediately taken to be cold-pressed in our traditional stone mills. This is why the flavour, aroma and richness of our organic extra virgin olive oil is extremely unique.

Connoisseurs will know that we owe the secret of our rich quality to the unique combination of local conditions of intense sunshine, low rainfall and a rocky mountain soil which lies at close proximity to the sea. These unique factors produce a distinct type of olive, the Koroneïki which is known to produce, the King of olive oils. The fruit and oil from the Koroneïki olive tree is set apart from other olive varieties and elevated to the highest quality by the unique method of cultivation that we employ.

Our olive harvest begins towards the end of each year. These olives, unlike other crops, are not watered artificially and are pruned intensively once a year by trimming the branches quite severely. This keeps the trees small, and while other olives yield roughly 10 liters of oil per tree, our Koroneïki olive trees yields only 1 to 3 liters of the purest green-gold olive oil that fills our OrganicOrganic® biophoton violet bottles.

Live Life Untainted.

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